Soft Magnetic Powder Cores are used as the main components for power conversion devices across various applications such as Automotive, Server, Solar and Communication, and improve the energy efficiency of all electronics. 

There is an exceedingly large range of standard cores available.
Together with our range of specials, i.e.:
Block, EE, EER, EE, UR, ER, U, and Cylinder Cores, Standard and Special Powder Cores

Our Far East plant produces magnetic powder cores with the essential technical expertise in manufacturing powder, together with continuous investment in production capacity. This has enabled us to establish a unique position as the global supplier of soft magnetic powder cores based on:

  • Reliable product
  • Quality and technical cooperation
  • Meeting the diverse needs of our customers

Through continuous innovations and steadfast advancements in technology, our manufacturer in the Far East has become one of the leading suppliers of cutting-edge products to companies around the world at the forefront of next-generation energy solutions.

As stated above, the range available is extensive.  To help us help you, please provide details (in complete confidentiality) of your requirements.


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For further details on the Powder Core products, we can supply,
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