There are various types, sizes and shapes available in soft magnetic powder cores:

Which are mainly used for inductors and transformers requiring low losses and inductance stability under high DC bias conditions. Production management under strict control of raw materials (nickel, iron, molybdenum, aluminium, and silicon) assures guaranteed consistent quality.


Note: All image colours are an approximation



HS series of powder core which has reduced Nickel content with good DCB characteristics similar to High Flux powder cores and lower core loss compared to Sendust powder cores.

HS series powder core provides:

  • Equal high energy storage capability level like High Flux powder core and good temperature stability same as all powder cores.
  • Low magnetostriction makes the HS series ideal for eliminating audible noise in applications.
  • Offers OD size from 9.6mm to 77.7mm toroidal and 101.6mm to 165mm big toroidal core with a permeability of 60u, 75μ, 90μ and made to customer's specifications are also available.
  • HS series are applied to various industrial applications such as Server PC, High power desktop PC, Solar power, Automotive, and UPS. Our new HS series can be a good alternative to Amorphous Powder materials.


Molybdenum Permalloy (MPP)

Ni-Fe-Mo alloy powder cores are made from an alloy powder of nickel, iron, and molybdenum. 

MPP cores exhibit highly approved stability in temperature, and inductance under high DC magnetization or high DC Bias conditions. They offer the highest permeability among our materials and the lowest core loss of any other core material. MPP cores are also considered as a premium material for direct current output inductors for SMPS including high Q filter, Loading coil, and EMI/RFI filter. Finished toroid cores are coated with a grey epoxy to provide dielectric protection and extra physical strength.




Ni-Fe alloy powder cores are made from an alloy powder of nickel and iron.

The 15,000 Gauss saturation level of High Flux cores brings higher energy storage capability and more effective permeability than the performance of gapped ferrite or powdered iron cores of a size. Excellent DC bias characteristics and low core losses of High Flux cores offer not only size and the number of winding turns reduction but also good magnetic properties. CSC High Flux cores are excellent choices for applications such as PFC reactor, switching regulator inductor, in-line noise filter, pulse transformer, and flyback transformer. Various shapes are available.
Finished toroid cores are coated with Khaki colour.




Fe-Si-Al alloy powder cores are made from an alloy powder of iron, silicon and aluminium.

Near Zero magneto restriction makes Sendust cores ideal for eliminating audible noise in filter inductors. The core losses of Sendust core are significantly lower than those of powdered iron cores. Especially Sendust E shapes provide a higher energy storage capability than gapped Ferrite E cores'. Gap losses and eddy current losses are minimized with Sendust E cores as compared to Gapped Ferrite E shapes. Sendust cores would be smart choices in the PFC circuit; major application is switching regulator inductor, In-line noise filter, pulse transformer and flyback transformer also. They are coated in black colour.




Fe-Si alloy powder cores are made from an alloy of iron and silicon.

A new magnetic alloy powder core has been developed called 'Mega Flux'.  It is a sensational development, providing the following characteristics: Smaller size, Higher current, and Higher energy storage capability.
Mega Flux cores have a higher flux density of 16,000 Gauss than any other magnetic material, compared to 15,000Gauss for High Flux cores and 10,000 Gauss for Sendust cores.  Extremely good DC bias characteristics give the best solution for high-end applications such as buck/boost inductors for high power supply systems, smoothing choke for inverters, and reactors for electric vehicles.  Mega Flux cores pressed with no organic binder have significantly lower core losses compared to powdered iron cores and Fe-Si strip cores.  They also present good thermal properties with no thermal ageing effects.