Bespoke Magnetic Assemblies

Stratton Products Ltd. specialise in magnetic assemblies, working closely with our customers and the manufacturing plants.

We provide a complete service to develop quality products tailored to the exact requirements of our customers.

This could be anything from a simple bar magnet, to a complex magnetic assembly.  

In addition to the product, we are keenly aware that delivery schedules are critical and work closely with our customers’ procurement departments, to ensure On-Time delivery.


 Simply provide us with your design specification and we will do the rest.


E.G. Magnetic Limpets:

  • Used as holding/retaining tools for machine shops; e.g. turning, milling, grinding and cutting  
  • Magnetic chip collectors; widely used in the fields such as food, medicine, textile, chemistry and sewage treatment industries  
  • Magnetic Chucks & Lifting Devices; Elegantly designed equipment conceived to facilitate the safe and secure handling of heavy industrial parts