It is the policy of Stratton Products Ltd. to supply its customers with products of excellent QUALITY and reliability at minimum COST and to an agreed DELIVERY schedule.

Stratton Products Ltd. (SP) has established an integrated Business Management System (BMS) based upon the principles of ISO 9001 &14001, this details our approach to the pursuit of excellence. It is based on the firm foundation of zero defects attained by concentrating on prevention, continuous improvement and total quality which is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.



  • (Scope) including the Importation, Storage and Distribution of Finished Products.
  • Manufacture: Testing and Packaging of Products supplied by Stratton Products Ltd. is conducted by 'manufacturing' using (ISO 9001 certified) facilities in the Far East. 

The Stratton Products Ltd. Business Management System (BMS) document is available here for review.

This is supported by procedures required by the BMS.


There is also a supplier document "Guidance Notes for the Stratton Products Ltd Supplier Review Document", to assist suppliers with some regulatory and Customer Requirements.  This document may also inderest our customers, as it specifies what we require from our suplliers.


Please note the contents of this document contains mandatory information, required for the inclusion in our Approved Suppliers system.